Blue Girl

My sweetest lover
Swaying in her black dress
Clutching for anything
Brushing cool fingers across my cheeks
Whispering soft music into my ears
Coaxing my worries into her frail arms
Blue Girl
Blue sapphires
Behind a black curtain
She sees no one but me
Such a beautiful distraction
If she ever tried to leave
I’d slice my throat with her manicured
Black nails
What a twist of fate
Being in love with being empty
To being trapped in your own mind
With a girl
As blue as you
The reincarnation of disaster
Brown hair
Brown eyes
A taste for self-destruction on her tongue
In her bones
Writes the words in blood ink
Watches it dry in the twilight
She cries when the moon disappears
Plants flowers when the spirits come calling
Blue Girl
With all the color missing from her mind
All vision gone grey
It is nice to be




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