There is something inside that is screaming out
Catching scents of the fear
Let me scream
Tearing me to shreds as it licks at the blood
I’ll give in as I always do
This is not a tale of glory
This a written description of losing humanity
I am a dark presence
Stare at me
You’ll see me disappear in a show of smoke
I’ll leave behind nothing but empty screams
Place me in the sunlight
I would look nothing if not
Rays of light reflecting off my mirror skin
I take nothing in
A shell buried in the abyss
Soundless screams
Making a house for no one
That lesson has been learned
Anything that enters here will be sucked dry to the bone
I eat nothing
I take in blue emotion instead
It’s easier to swallow
Always searching for light
In my mind full of misery
I’ll open my mouth but you’ll hear nothing
Soundless screams
I’m running in the forest as I hold out my arms
Let the trees rip me open
Mark my trail for the world to remember me
Something remember me
Describe me as a word stronger than alone
I have no terms for who I am
All I know
I can never stop
In this place you may never stop moving
It will catch you
This orb of black sludge
Let it pretend it’s a woman
Long black hair
Shining in waves like velvet
Her voice carries over lands
Wherever the birds go
Let her pass you notes in secrecy until she claims you as her own
Don’t let her catch you
She’ll consume you whole while you watch with a grin
You need scream no more




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