“You aren’t alone.”

I am alone scratching my eyes out because I can’t bare to see
Alone when I pass the mirror in the morning to see an ever growing terror
Inside my head where I’m dodging traumatic decay
I’m alone.

“You can trust me.”

With these black insects crawling through my veins as they eat my sanity
Trust you with the secrets of the apocalypse that only effects my troubled soul
Hand you over the map of this minds inner workings
I can’t comprehend trust.

“You are loved.”

I am loved in the night when I lay down my head while I pretend I don’t have to fight another nightmare
Loved during the days where I awake as a zombie with no brains, feelings, or regard for much besides death.
Would I be loved when I slice open my ivory skin because I think it would look beautiful with roses?
I don’t understand love.

“You deserve life.”

I deserved it once, perhaps.
Before I broke it’s cardinal rule when I attempted to travel through time
When I picked flowers instead of skin, or did show-in-tell instead of drugs
I don’t feel life.




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