Most nights I sway in the living room
Covered in my own tears
Dripping onto the floor
Creating my own salt circle
It helps keep the blackness away
People come knocking at my door
Asking what all the music is for
I keep it locked shut
No soul will ever know I reside here
Nothing but a ghost they say
My fingernails are filled with blood
I’m losing my skin
Losing pieces of myself
Can’t you see?
I had hopes like everyone else
I was sailing into my dreams
Until I sunk into the ocean
I refused to come up for air
I wouldn’t change a thing
I’m a host for decay
I love to show my rotting insides
Anyone who dares can watch the show
I’m a circus
I tame beasts with nothing but my mind
Surrounded by clowns
Always asking why I don’t smile more
They plead with me to put on some makeup
Show a little teeth
I’m already a fake
I don’t need another disguise
I want to be seen
I’m ready for everyone to feel my wreckage
See my ship
Watch how I sank right down to the sea floor
Glimpse the peace in my glass eyes
As I accepted that I’m nothing
Just another ghost
Lost in reality





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