I walked into this world with ropes tied to my feet
I’m afraid of getting lost
I went farther than I had anticipated
I lost the light
I’m throwing out anchors for anyone to catch
They haven’t
All I see is this torture
In every eye that I pass there is a haunting
Someone cut my ropes
I wonder what they’ll do with them
My conscious is getting blurry
I no longer have a name that I willingly answer
I don’t feel anything
These are nothing but words spurting out of my fingers
Do you understand?
We are nothing but words here
I’m just not sure that I have any left
All the elegant words have been stolen from my mind
I need someone to know that I’m still running
So lost in my sadness
In no version of the future do I see myself filled with light
It’s been sucked out of me by leeches of people I had once known
I’m leaving drips of my own blood in every building that I visit
I need someone to find me
Please, someone find me
This darkness that I’ve made a pact with is desperate
In the end I gave it everything
It was almost peaceful
The feelings are gone
I’m so comfortable with being empty that I can’t even eat
There’s a key in me that is missing
Like a broken bulb on Christmas lights
I have malfunctioned
Tear me apart
Put me to good use
Fix me
I will shock you
Even in my suffering I find comfort
I’ll hurt anyone
Just to see that I’m not alone





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