Everything You Are

In life the lines are blurry
And no one will hand you a magnifying glass
All because they know what you’ll do with it.
You’ll smash it on the linoleum, and count all the shards
Matching them up with your wrong-doings
But everything you are is not a mistake.

Everything you are is change.
There is resilience inside of your bones,
And those whispers fall short when you stand.
Bravery is inside your mouth, on the tip of your tongue
Always remember in times of distress
There is a sword inside your iris.

Everything you are is kindness.
Though you are weak during this season
You grab your shovel, as you dig out the others
The others with whispers that have turned to screams
You grab their hands, and carry them home.
There is a warrior’s light in your embrace.

Everything you are is complexity.
You live inside a jungle that’s crawling with words
But you don’t mind, you collect them.
You place them in lines, and you tie them to butterflies
And you tell them to drop them on the graves of the past, as you watch it all rise again.
There is a blinding hope in your words.

Everything you are is..
The universe has nothing on your soul.
Child, you are your own world.
So pick up your shards, and shove them inside your words.
There is a fighter inside your heart.





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