I’m a girl
Who never had the faith
To believe
That I could bring these dreams,
Pluck them straight from my mind’s eye,
And even bring them forth to reality.

In my days
I did not look at myself close enough,
Did not hear myself speaking.
I had not found my inner voice,
Though it was screaming to me all along.
I was just not listening.

That is the problem
You see,
If you do not open up,
Not even you can possibly find yourself.
Open your mouth, and pull out your map,
Find your missing pieces.

Place your hand over your heart
And thank yourself.
All along you have been pushing,
In the hopes that you can be whole.
My dear, you already are.
Open yourself and hear what is inside.




It’s true what they say
That once you’ve been chosen
There’s no going back.

Darkness will cling to your skin like a blanket,
And no change of scenery will save you.
It will seep into your every pore.

At first it’s comforting.
It feels like light.
It feels like home.

By the time you realize that things aren’t what they seem
It’s too late.
You’ve opened your skin, and you’ve let them in.

Your soul has been sold all without your knowledge.
Inside you there is now an entity that calls you home.
You are it’s master, but it controls you.

The worlds greatest manipulator.
A snake slithering through your every vein.
A professional illusionist.

You’ve lost all control,
You cannot trust your own vision.
It will touch every nerve inside your being until there’s none left to call your own.

Continually caressing your saddest times,
While it rapes you of your sanity.

What it wants is possession, and the fight is unbearable.
Some days it will crawl out of your throat,
Grasping your limbs, while it drags you towards the end, as if to tease you.

It is dread, and it is anger, it is all the times you’ve felt alone.
It is a piece of death that has chipped straight off the stones of Hell,
And it has found you.

There is light inside the darkness,
Darkness inside the light,
but how do you decipher which you truly are?

When your own voice
Is screaming at you to slice it out, drink it out, vomit it out,
But you’re not sure if it’s really your voice anymore.

The grip you hold on reality will fall.
You’ll reach out for hands to fight with you,
But you are already half of a ghost.

Darkness is your new friend, and only it will clutch onto your hand.
You can scream, you can cry, or even attempt to starve it out.
It will muffle the screams, sew up tear ducts, & gag you on hunger as it relishes in your despair.

It will forever remind you that you are of no help.
The worlds greatest manipulator.
Darkness, my old friend.



I know there are days when you’d rather shoot the sun from the sky.
The days when you can’t eat because you feel too full of emptiness,
Or when you can’t breathe because every breath threatens to overcome you,
When the blade seems like a companion.
I know these days exist,
I have lived every single one.

There have been days I’ve spent on the floor,
Staring at the cracks in the ceiling,
Hoping something will crawl out and make it all end.
It never does.
I often wonder if I am a figment of someone’s imagination,
Left behind since I didn’t fit the mold.

I know there are days when the night is a comfort,
Or when it is nothing but dread put into color.
These feelings are true, and you are true.
In this world it is hard to find joy,
Especially when you are filled to the brim with ghosts.
Let them go.

I know there are days when I have awoken in tears,
Because the thought of inhaling another breath
Sends me into a panic.
I struggle to rise anyways,
Because I am a part of this great puzzle.
I have words inside me that I have to spread to all of the hurt.

I know there are days when you can’t speak,
When nothing makes sense in your mind that’s clogged with pain.
Hold out your hand to me.
I will carry you into the light, and I will make you see
That behind the pain is a beauty,
One that only your soul could share.

I know there are days when it’s not so terrifying.
I am fighting for those days,
And I will always stand to guide you out of the grave with me.
We all have a voice that will resonate in the heart of another.
I must remind you to never forget that I am still here,
And for you, I will always hold out my hand.




Maybe I should stop crying
I’m drowning the world
And still,
I am not considered a disaster.

I am an entity unknown even to myself.
These insides are covered in scar tissue,
Because I keep swallowing keys.
I’m still trapped inside, and everything is blue.

This smile will make you want to guide me,
Just know, my hands hold a coldness that would freeze your heart
And still,
I wont wear any gloves.

You may think of pity
When your gaze rests upon my ink filled wrists,
But don’t worry about my soul.
I’ve had plenty of chances.

I crafted myself out of stone long ago,
Chiseled down into the deadliest of weapon’s
And still,
I just want to be held.

My choices have already been made.
It may be true,
that I was too young to know any better,
But I’ve signed in blood, and contracts like this cannot be forgotten.

I scraped away my emotions all for a touch of sanity.
A taste of what its like to be untouched by words
And still,
I miss being human.



Everything You Are

In life the lines are blurry
And no one will hand you a magnifying glass
All because they know what you’ll do with it.
You’ll smash it on the linoleum, and count all the shards
Matching them up with your wrong-doings
But everything you are is not a mistake.

Everything you are is change.
There is resilience inside of your bones,
And those whispers fall short when you stand.
Bravery is inside your mouth, on the tip of your tongue
Always remember in times of distress
There is a sword inside your iris.

Everything you are is kindness.
Though you are weak during this season
You grab your shovel, as you dig out the others
The others with whispers that have turned to screams
You grab their hands, and carry them home.
There is a warrior’s light in your embrace.

Everything you are is complexity.
You live inside a jungle that’s crawling with words
But you don’t mind, you collect them.
You place them in lines, and you tie them to butterflies
And you tell them to drop them on the graves of the past, as you watch it all rise again.
There is a blinding hope in your words.

Everything you are is..
The universe has nothing on your soul.
Child, you are your own world.
So pick up your shards, and shove them inside your words.
There is a fighter inside your heart.